For many years now , coaching is an integral part of the concept of this regatta . It is mainly a regatta of course, but beyond that, it is also a gathering allowing exchange and sharing. The principle of coaching in itself link the sporting dimension and the notion of exchange .

Made possible through the sponsorship SCHUKO , RS and MPS classes , and UFOLEP structure, France Open Skiff proposed 2 to 3 coaches during previous editions with the aim to propose the widest offer possible.

In fact , no need to justify any racing or sailing level to enjoy the help of an expert . Through workshops ashore concerning settings and manoeuvrers , briefings defining exercises and sessions goals on water , personalized advices during navigations, and at the end debriefings addressing the major problems of the sailors, the proposed coaching want to satisfy both beginners and advanced .

The expertise of the coaches is recognized by their past performances, and/or large experience as coach. Kevin Fischer-Guillou, Peter Barton, Graeme Oliver , Ben schooling all have an amazing pedigree!

In the past, this coaching have been divided into single and double, and has been limited to pre-regatta training. We are now thinking about 2014 coaches names and organizational modalities of coaching on the water this year.

Maybe we will hold debriefings at the end of day races to discuss on the weather trends, tactic/strategic choices, significant gains and losses… Maybe we will propose 2 coaching groups following the level, to help unconfirmed easer!

Stay tuned! Write your point of view on Breizhskiff forum !