The Lac du Der is a resort that can satisfy the whole family! Some presentation:


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Filled with water in 1974, the Der lake is the largest artificial lake in France. Covering an area of ??48 km2, it was designed to regulate the level of rivers feeding the Seine and preserve Paris from a flood like those of 1910 and 1924. Its construction required the destruction of some villages and the displacement of historic buildings such as the church at the foot of which we will stay and race. If originally the project has generated a number of adverse reactions, it is now accepted by all and a strong tourist activity grew around the lake.

Lac du Der activities

Tourism activity is structured around recreational activities and outdoor sports: biking, hiking, fishing and of course sailing. With 3 marinas, numerous clubs and several nautical bases, the Der lake is a Mecca of French sailing on inland lake.

Giffaumont port and UFOLEP center

But the Der Lake is also a bird sanctuary known internationally as a passage place for migratory birds. Finally, the Lac du Der is located in a region with unique architecture. All around the lake,there are typical villages and treasures to discover.


The touristic website of lac du Der ou « The lake house » located close to the UFOLEP center will inform anyone who would like more information to build their stay.


More than a simple site for relaxation and leisure, the lake is also part of a charming rural area and constitute an historical heritage. Villages with unique architecture and countryside with classic grove, the country Der offers a rich journey into a unique architectural history: churches timbered.


Discover the mysteries of the lake through the Der Country Museum or take small country roads and observe the charm of stone churches, lit by beautiful stained glass windows. Many museums and castles where famous people stayed waiting for you to unveil the arts and traditions of this region shaped by nature.

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All information and all the touristic offers of Lac du Der accessible online on the tourist website of Lac du Der! Good weekend for the whole family!